Sullivan County

Support a fire department -- buy fireworks

PINEY FLATS, Tenn. - Fire departments are normally in the business of preventing and putting out fires, but right now some are helping people set them.

Well, set fireworks off. Not set actual fires.

The Piney Flats Volunteer fire Department is one of many area fire squads selling fireworks this holiday, which at first glance seems a little counterintuitive.

Piney Flats assistant fire chief Chris Berry told News 5 they spend $25,000 on inventory this year, but the big question is: why? "The first year we did it, it's a little weird, but everybody's kind of gotten used to it now. It's just a phenomenal fundraiser," said Berry. "Now, the four years we've done it we've never worked a fire."

The Piney Flats V.F.D has a two-week permit from Sullivan County to sell the fireworks. They will be open until midnight on the 4th, and again on Saturday the 5th.

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