Sullivan County

Sullivan employees will get two percent pay raise

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - Most Sullivan County employees will soon be seeing a bigger paycheck.

In their commission meeting Monday morning, Sullivan County commissioners voted 21-to-1 in favor of a two percent pay raise for all employees, with the exception of school employees and sheriff's department employees.

This comes after Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson settled a lawsuit with the county in April that gives his employees a two percent raise.   

Commissioner Patrick Shull voted for the pay raise. He said it boiled down to fairness.

"Okay cost of living, that sounds like the fair thing to do, but it does put us in the situation where we have to carefully consider where the next budget [and] how we're going to work this in with all the other things," said Shull.

Mayor Steve Godsey told News 5 county employee raises, including the sheriff's department, will cost about $642,000. He tells us since this was voted on a waiver of rules, no other votes are necessary.

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