Sullivan County

Sullivan County man narrowly survives shooting

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - A Blountville, Tennessee man is alive after a bullet barely missed his head.

Cynthia Townsend tells News 5 she witnessed the shooting at George Carr Road. Townsend says an argument broke out between a man and his childhood friend, Edward Mabe.

She says she tried to stop the fight that began because of a disagreement about the treatment of their children. She tells News 5, "There were no kids here, just us grown-ups. I tried to stop them and I got hurt a little bit, but I got out of the way."

Investigators say a fight broke out on the porch and the victim was hit in the head with the gun. Leslie Earhart of the Sullivan County Sherriff's Office says at least three shots were fired.

We're told deputies later found the gun at Mabe's house.

Mabe is now charged with attempted second degree murder and aggravated assault. 

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