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Sullivan County lawsuit could end Wednesday

Sullivan County lawsuit could end Wednesday

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - A lawsuit filed August 2012 could come to an end Wednesday morning in a Bristol, Tennessee courtroom.

Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson is suing the county, claiming it wasn't properly funding his department; now, several months later, both sides could be close to reaching a deal.

County Mayor Steve Godsey along with Sheriff Anderson and their legal teams met until 7:00 Monday evening trying to work out proposals. "We have put a couple more proposals on the table and those will be presented to the judge tomorrow to see if we can go ahead and get this thing resolved," adds Godsey.

Godsey says he is hopeful a proposal will be accepted. We asked about what's included in the possible deal, while he wouldn't go into detail, he did say it hinders on pay for the sheriff's department. "The only thing that's left on the table as far as the lawsuit goes is the salaries," says Godsey.

Neither Sheriff Anderson nor his attorney wanted to talk about the lawsuit.

Godsey is remaining hopeful this ordeal will come to an end Wednesday morning. "I have good, high expectations that we will get this thing put behind us tomorrow. I hope so," he said.

So far the cost of the lawsuit is $60,000. The price tag could go up if the suit goes to trial, adding onto the bill being paid for by Sullivan County residents.

Both sides will meet in a Bristol, Tennessee court room at 10 a.m. Wednesday. We've learned it is up to Judge James Beckner to accept any proposals on the table.

If he does not, the trial will begin.

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