Sullivan County

Sullivan County deputies get new technology

Sullivan Co. deputies get new technology

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - New technology is helping deputies get criminals off the streets and keep them in jail.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office is arming their deputies with special glasses that record video. The video is in high quality and also includes audio recording.

Dash camera systems can record crimes in action from the car, but cost much more.

An average system can run a department around $5,000 to $7,000, unlike the glasses, which only cost about $400 for each unit.

Deputies say the video can be priceless by providing proof that a crime happened. "It's not just the officer's word against the suspect's word. The judge and the jury, they want to see the evidence, so this gives a clear picture of what the officer is seeing at that particular time," says Leslie Earhart with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

Right now, three Sullivan County deputies have the glasses, but the sheriff's office likes them so much, they're buying 18 more sets with grant money.

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