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Severely burned dog returns home

Burned dog comes home

BLUFF CITY, Tenn. - We have new facts and good news about Sadie the dog -- she's on her way home from the University of Tennessee Veterinary School after being badly burned.

But Sadie and her family still don't have a permanent home.

Sadie is feeling much better after treatment at the UT Veterinary Medical Center. Dr. Kate Zimmerman first treated Sadie for her severe burns following a suspicious fire at her home in Roan Mountain.

Dr. Zimmerman took Sadie's story to social media and as of Friday there were almost 82,000 hits, all concerned about Sadie. "They held a whole bunch of all-night prayer vigils when she took a turn for the worse. The next day she's been just charging ahead and doing great ever since," Dr. Zimmerman said.

Volunteers offered not only prayers, but donations to help with Sadie's care. Phone calls are still coming in to help with the expenses.

Her family is living with relatives following the fire, but Sadie needs somewhere to live. "Sadie has a very loving family and one of the things that has repeatedly come up on Facebook is does she need adopting. I keep telling people, no, she's got a great family, but she doesn't have a home. Her home burned to the ground," the doctor said.

Zimmerman and her friends called the 'Save Our Sadie' group to turn their attention to getting the family a place to live. "We've been talking on Facebook and social media sites that our direction need to change from directed to Sadie, who's doing great to be directed to the family, who's not doing so great because they don't have a place to live," She says.

Zimmerman tells us that the group has plenty of non-profits that can help them with Sadie's situation but not with the family's search for a home.

They're searching for that organization to help Sadie and her family get a new home.

We checked with the Carter County Sheriff's office. They tell us the fire that destroyed the family's home is still under investigation.

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