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Runners unite for Boston

Kingsport runs for Boston

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Almost 200 people put on their running shoes to show their support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Runners in Kingsport feel sharing something they love is the least they can do for their fellow runners. Event organizer Hank Brown said, "We are a special breed of people and nobody is going to set off a bomb and keep us from running."

Hank says Mondays' attack hit close to home, as he remembers being in Boston for previous marathons with his wife. "The time the bomb went off at four hours and 19 minutes was not far from the time she ran through. She could have been finishing right then and I could have been watching her," he said.

Brown says he feels for everyone who was there, like Ray Jones. He crossed the finish line one hour before the explosions. "I was on that exact side right there when I finished," he told us. "I'm just glad my son was on the other side of the street." Ray says he felt and heard the blast and seconds later saw ambulances. Now he's joining others here at home to make sure this tragedy isn't forgotten.

Josh Mermilliod hopes to one day run in Boston. "As runners we are a family. It is just like anything else you are involved in, when it happens at your organization you feel it in you," he said.

Even though Kingsport and Boston are miles apart, the running community is banding together.

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