Sullivan County

Rain overwhelms creeks, flooding still an issue Wednesday

Sullivan Co. flooding

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Continuous rain swept flood water into our region, spilling over creek banks, and leaving a mess behind.

Creeks are running heavy in Sullivan County after more than two days of strong and steady rain hits our region.

We took a trip to some of the hardest hit areas like Paperville Road where we found water rushing just a few feet away from a home.

Creek waters left their banks and began to cover roads, leaving highway crews busy closing more than a dozen streets down.

"It's been pretty bad," said Wayne Potts, a foreman with the Sullivan County Highway Department. "[There's] just so much rain."

As our trip continued, we ran into several inches of rushing water flooding Big Arm Road in the Hickory community, which left a treacherous path for residents to cross.

"[You] just deal with it. Ain't nothing else you can do," said Timonthy Wilson, a Sullivan County Resident we talked to at Big Arm Road.

Heavy rain even changed the landscape near Bristol Motor Speedway.

The land home to hundreds of campers during race time was only a lake on Wednesday at Earhart Campground.  

Potts told us creeks brimming with water weren't the only problem once the rain had passed.

"A lot of pipes stopped up just where all the leaves and just brush and everything you got in," Potts explained.

Debris, washed down from the mountains, will keep them busy cleaning up.

"Maybe a [there's a] log or something stuck in front of it. [We'll be] trying to get it out; get the water to run through," Potts added.

Others hope Mother Nature does her own part to dry out the community.

"It's been raining for three days so when the rain stops, the sun will take the water," said Wilson.

We learned flooding conditions also took a toll on Kingsport.

Emergency officials told us a woman had to be rescued from her car after getting stranded while trying to drive through several inches of water.

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