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New warning signs for speed cameras on Highway 11-E

New warning signs for speed cameras on Highway 11-E

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - If you've driven on Highway 11-E this last week, you've probably noticed even more warning signs about the traffic cameras.

We checked with Bluff City leaders and learned this first-time change will hopefully encourage race fans to come back.

If you've been to Bristol, the Speedway, or simply driven through on Highway 11-E, the speed cameras in Bluff City are a familiar sight. But there's a new welcome, or warning, sign for out-of-town visitors.

Race fan Cindy Lyon and her husband are visiting from Ohio and say they pass by these cameras plenty of times during race week. "We go into Johnson City and do a little shopping before the race weekend starts and get some supplies, try to kill some time," she said.

We learned the new bigger, brighter signs alerting drivers about the upcoming speed cameras are to simply help race fans. "Because the race fans really help Bluff City and not only Bluff City, but surrounding areas and they bring a lot of money into the area," said Bluff City mayor Irene Wells.

Over at Giovanni's Restaurant, which happens to be close by to the speed cameras, employees say race fans sometimes have a lot to say before they even order. "That speed light is a tricky one," said waiter Kevin Castillo.

Castillo says the new signs are a good idea, but he still gives a heads-up before drivers speed through. "I try to inform them mainly, it's a common courtesy. I would expect them to do it for me if I was in their hometown," he said.

Back at the Speedway, race fans say while this change is good the signs have always been clear. "If you get caught after you've been warned, it's your fault," added Lyons.

We also learned it's going to be up to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to determine whether these bigger signs will be a permanent fixture.

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