Sullivan County

New Bristol Highway debated

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Sullivan County and Bristol, Tennessee leaders are working together to work toward building a new highway.

It would connect the Bristol Regional Medical Center and Highway 11-W to Highway 11-E near Walmart.

On Monday the Sullivan County Commissioners voted unanimously to ask TDOT for a feasibility study of the area.

Mayor Steve Godsey says there is more of a need for the highway with the development of the Pinnacle. Godsey says once they file the paperwork with TDOT it should take a couple of weeks to hear if they'll do the study, then they will look at several options for the location. "They never just come with one. They come with a three-part route and some will include buying up an amount of homes. Some will include an alternate route where they don't have to buy as many residences out," adds Godsey.   

Godsey says the study will be done at no cost to the city or county.

If TDOT decides to do the study, it will take about a year to complete.

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