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Neighbors voice concerns over meth dump site

Meth dump concerns

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Residents along Ryder Church Road in Sullivan County are concerned about their families' safety after the 'largest meth dumpsite ever found' in Sullivan County was discovered along their road.

We learned their concerns are for good reason; sites like this one could pose health problems for those around it.

"It really makes you sick, it really does, to think people are so irresponsible to do that with little kids around," said Sommer Tumbarello.

Tumbarello lives just a few hundred feet from where all of the materials were found. She has three small kids and we learned hearing the discovery of this dumpsite near her home has her worried. "You don't want your kids around that, especially when your kids ride the public school bus up and down the street. They hear things and it's really not a good feeling," she said.

Sullivan County District Attorney Barry Staubus says Tumbarello has a reason to be concerned because any materials used to make meth can be dangerous. "People that have no knowledge, no idea that they're near a manufacturing site of meth are put at risk," said Staubus.

We learned in this situation neighbors were lucky. "In this case there were not any other buildings or homes too close, so we're fortunate," said Leslie Earhart with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department.

So why can sites like this be so dangerous? "Its explosive and even after it's used the by-products are very dangerous and hazardous. It could be very harmful to your health very harmful for children," said Staubus.

Tumbarello is making a plea to people in her neighborhood to stop putting themselves and others at risk. "If anybody is doing it around here please stop because it's not safe, it's not good for kids to be around, it's not good for anybody. It's not good for your health it's not a good thing. I hope it makes people stop," said Tumbarello.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Department tells us they are following a few leads, but they're still looking for the people involved.  

All the materials have been removed. The task force will now take the items to a secure location to be stored.

They will eventually be picked up by a hazardous material company to be destroyed.

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