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Motocross fan turns his love for the sport into business

Motocross fan turns his love for the sport into business

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - Motocross racers from across the country got their bikes a little muddy Saturday and if you were anywhere near Muddy Creek in Blountville you probably noticed the large crowds heading straight to the raceway.

Fans packed the Muddy Creek Raceway and got to see some of the best motocross racers in the game.

Steve Litz is one of those die hard race fans and says he's been coming to races similar to this one since 1981.

"This is one of the best and biggest races in the world," says Litz. And he says his love for the sport didn't happen overnight.

"When I was younger I got to ride some bikes and it's just such a feeling of freedom," adds Litz.

That sense of freedom is what led him into his dream of racing and that dream soon turned into a business.

His business comes in handy to many of the bikers, especially on big weekends like this.

"Some of the young kids that are out here on the track today came through the shop and I've helped them with different aspects of the equipment," says Litz.

Litz says he loves his job but it's definitely a lot of work.

"Being self-employed is obviously what everybody dreams of, but with that, it's a commitment of you're always at work," says Litz.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office and EMS were also hard at work Saturday keeping a close eye on the traffic and large crowds.

To make things run a little bit smoother than last year, they brought in more crews and off duty officers from other local departments.

The race continues Sunday with Amateur day, a day which gives spectators the chance to get out and ride on a national track.

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