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More local Boston Marathon runners return home

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - More local runners land in the Tri-Cities, heading home after a taking part in the Boston Marathon.

We caught up with Amy Hamilton from Lebanon, Virginia as she got off her plane. Hamilton had already crossed the finish line and was back in her hotel room when she found out about the bombs, though the tragedy stripped her joy of beating her goal for the race.

Hamilton said getting around the city Tuesday meant security checks and military personnel nearly everywhere, especially when she and her husband were in the airport Wednesday morning. "We were stopped and we had an FBI agent ask us if we had pictures or anything because of where [my husband] was standing was directly across where the bombs went off," Hamilton told News 5.

We also got a chance to talk with a Kingsport runner, David Lively. He showed us his medal, proof he finished the race, but it's a medal he said is now insignificant.

Lively was already outside of the city when he found out about the bombings.

It was concern from family and friends that still sticks out in his mind. "I just returned dad's call first and he said, 'glad you're okay, did you hear what happened?' We kind of communicated that, and I checked my voicemail and my mom left a message that I have a hard time listening to actually. She was scared," said Lively.

Lively said right now he's concerned about security for big city runs, but it probably wouldn't stop him from running another in the future.

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