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Man builds his own backyard Jurassic Park

Man builds his own backyard Jurassic Park

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - This time next year all the talk from the moviegoers will be Jurassic Park 4.

Jurassic Park first came out as a movie believe it or not in 1993 and it ignited a fascination with dinosaurs. That fascination led a Sullivan County man to create his own life-sized dinosaur. Then he created another, and then another, until now he's got about two dozen of them in his backyard.

You might call it 'Jurassic Park' yard art decorating Chris Kastner's backyard. Everywhere you turn you'll find some form of dinosaur -- they're in flower beds, they're in the trees, they're hiding everywhere.

It all got started simply enough. "I started because I wanted my own life-sized dinosaur. I couldn't afford one or get one anywhere else, so I had to build one. That led me through the whole process of figuring it out," Chris tells us.

And once that happened, he built more and more of them until he opened the backyard to the public to come and visit.

Now there's something new. "Stan," a life-sized T. Rex looking like he just pushed his way through the woods into the backyard. 

He took some time to create it. "We started working on his head in August of last year. I built the foam core for it and built it up, so it's taken a long, long time," Chris said.

If the teeth look real, there's a reason for that. "The teeth in our T. Rex were cast from real Tyrannosaurus Rex teeth. They have the sharp ridges like a steak knife that you see along the edges of them," he says.

Again, you are invited to come and visit for free; you can leave a donation to keep things up.

There's never been an admission price. "See life-sized dinosaurs, something they would have to travel hours away anywhere else to go see.  Here they can get that experience not even having to leave my backyard," he laughed.

And there's even more under construction.

There's a birthday party for "Stan" on Saturday June 14th from noon until 3 p.m.

For more information click their facebook page here:

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