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Local shelter asking for donations of dog food

Local shelter asking for dog food donations

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Cage after cage is filled with dogs looking for a home, but until someone comes to adopt them the Sullivan County, Bluff City, Kingsport animal shelter is responsible for feeding and caring for the pups, and that can be a tall task.

Each dog gets one meal a day and that adds up. "If we had to go out and buy it we'd probably spend about $600 a week," says the manager of the Kingsport shelter, Donna Davidson.

Both shelters are working to feed 100 dogs a day, so a 50-pound bag of dog food doesn't go very far. In fact, the shelter manager tells us it takes four 50-pound bags to feed the dogs for one day.

The food supply is running low and the list of dogs is getting long, so the shelter is asking for help from the public. "I don't know if a lot of it is the economy and so forth, but we've had just an overwhelming amount of dogs in the past year," adds Davidson.

Shelter workers say when it comes to dog food donations the pets aren't picky. "We're not particular. As long as it's dog food they'll eat it, they don't care," adds Davidson.

Ideally the shelter would like the dogs to find new homes just in time for the holidays. "There are so many good dogs here in this shelter. If people would just come and look I'm sure they would fall in love," says Davidson.

Dog food donations are being accepted at both shelters in Kingsport and Blountville.

They are also accepting donations for blankets, towels, old newspapers and cleaning supplies.

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