Sullivan County

Keep pets warm as temperatures drop

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - With temperatures expected to dip well below freezing Monday night and Tuesday, local veterinarians want to remind you to remember your pets as the mercury drops.

Dr. Andy Cherry, a veterinarian at Cherry Point Animal Hospital, said you should keep an eye on your pets' water bowl and make sure it's not frozen.    

Anytime temperatures drop below 25 degrees, we're told you should make sure animals have some sort of shelter that blocks the wind and warm bedding, whether that be blankets or even a bed of hay.

"Animals are prone to frostbite on their feet. Ice in their feet gets stuck between their pads. It can get stuck in there, and the older and the younger animals especially cannot regulate their temperature, body temperatures, as well. They're at more risk than say a healthy middle aged dog," said Dr. Andy Cherry.

While it's important to keep your pets warm, Dr. Cherry said using heat lamps are not a good idea.     

If an animal nibbles on the chord or the lamp gets too close to bedding, it can create a serious fire hazard.

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