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Homeowners frustrated with Highway 75 yard repair

Homeowners frustrated with Highway 75 yard repair

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Construction along Highway 75 in Sullivan County is the source of major frustration for some local homeowners.

We learned it's the landscape reconstruction process that's the cause for concern.

As crews turn Highway 75 into a four lane thoroughfare, the construction is hitting too close to home for Guy Massey; quite literally. "It's just frustrating," said Massey.

Massey told News 5 part of his front yard is leased as a right-of-way for the Tennessee Department of Transportation and repair work isn't meeting his standards. "We call TDOT. They always give us the runaround, and they say we need to call somebody else, and it was like eight or nine phone numbers. I call and it always ends back up with TDOT," Massey said.

The homeowner showed News 5 where rocks were left exposed in his yard. "I hit those things with my riding lawnmower, and I thought I was going to tear the blades off," Massey added.

Another concern is his driveway. Massey said not only is the pavement too thin, but his entrance is not as wide as it used to be.

TDOT officials told News 5 Massey's driveway was reconstructed according to project plans, but it's the layout of his yard that Massey claims is the biggest issue. "This should've been filled up and sloped back to that right there," Massey said.

He claims it's created a nightmare every time it rains, because not enough fill dirt was added, sinking in his yard in the wrong places. "It's just a big pond right there [when it rains]," said Massey.

News 5 asked TDOT officials about this concern.

TDOT spokesperson Mark Nagi told us crews have already addressed the problem. "There was some additional material placed in his yard to ensure water would drain from his property properly," Nagi said in an email sent to News 5.  

But next-door neighbor Roxanne Waugh said she gets the runoff of those drainage issues too. "This causes problems. Well, you see where the lowest range is, I mean how could it not? It runs down here and puddles here," Waugh said.

What these homeowners want now is change so they don't have to spend thousands of dollars out of their own pockets. "Come this fall, if that yard's not fixed right, we'll have to have a private contractor come in and do it for us,'" said Massey.

TDOT officials told us they are not finished with final touches to that area of homes.

Spokesperson Mark Nagi told News 5 crews will be dressing and cleaning the yards soon, but recent rainy weather has caused a delay.

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