Sullivan County

Fire crews fight blaze, elements during extreme cold

Piney Flats business fire


     Fire crews were called to a familiar address in the Piney Flats Industrial Park.

     Firefighters tell us a hot spot flared up in the already destroyed Coldstar International building.

     The building was the scene of a major fire that broke out early Tuesday morning that had crews battling flames and cold temperatures.

     Fire crews tell us this morning's flare up was not serious, but that this happens often after fires as big as this one.

     Workers continue to scoop debris, as they try to determine what is left of the building.

     The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


Local firefighters battled a massive blaze and the elements Tuesday. A fire at a Coldstar International in Ppiney Flats early in the morning created dangerous, slippery conditions.

Fire crews were battling the flames and Mother Nature after a call early Tuesday morning.

Piney Flats fire chief Todd Justice says when crews arrived around 2:45, heavy smoke was coming from Coldstar International on Mountain View Road, and it was too hot for crews to go in. "Smoke conditions tell us it was really involved on the interior," Justice said. "With the wind blowing this morning as we were trying to make entry, it was just not allowing us to make a good, safe entry."

The company owners on scene told us Coldstar makes hot and cold therapy products, like ice packs and heating pads. The building is now a total loss, but they express their sincere thanks to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly in bitterly cold temperatures and some downright dangerous conditions. "We've dealt with hose lines freezing, air packs freezing, radios freezing, gauges on the trucks freezing. Anything that had water in it or on it is frozen at this point," Justice said Tuesday morning.

Many crews tried to warm up in the fire trucks until they had to go back in.

The work continued for hours as crews worked to put the hot spots out.

What caused the fire is still under investigation.

Several volunteer fire departments were called in to help. The American Red Cross disaster relief truck was there to provide coffee and hot chocolate to crews.

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