Sullivan County

Educators serve their students on McTeacher's night

McTeachers fundraiser

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Most parents are used to their kids bringing home fundraisers throughout the year, but Tuesday night parents, teachers, students and community members made their schools money just by eating a meal.

On a Tuesday night most teachers are grading papers and making lesson plans, but that's not the order of business on McTeacher's night at McDonald's. "Every store has a school they sponsor. Thirty percent of the sales go right back to the school. The teachers work behind the counter the kids come in; the families have fun, we have fun and the teachers have fun," said Diane Washburn, a McDonald's owner & operator.

That fun is making fast food and fast cash for schools. Washburn tells News 5 that most schools will receive between $9,000 and $13,000.

The money will be used to buy iPads and smartboards for schools like Sullivan Elementary, where Mike Harris teaches fourth grade. "Funding is getting cut all of the time, so anything we can do, any partnerships with the community that helps bring funds is more things for our kids in the classroom," said Harris.

It's also a chance to shake things up outside the classroom. "All the kids come in call me 'Hamburger Head' and the parents get into it. I like to go around and annoy all of the parents and shake the money box," said Harris.

More than 40 schools and McDonald's participated in the one-night event, one that's fun for the whole family. "We are really pleased with it. It has been a really fun time, we get to come and see people we haven't gotten to see for a really long time," said Calvin and Misty Gobble, parents of school-aged kids.

Since 2005, local McDonald's restaurant owners and operators across the Tri-Cities have donated $267,000 to local schools.

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