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Dual-personality decorations for Halloween

Halloween decorations

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Halloween is fast approaching. Have you decorated for it?

Some folks do. They either decorate their yard or porch but we've found some rather unusual Halloween decorations.

We found some Halloween decorators that have recycled and reused Christmas decorations and put them in an unusual location.

If you were float fishing down the Holston River you might think there's some kind of party going on in a boathouse on the river. But take a closer look and it's like no other party you've been to.

Call it a monster mash or a gathering of ghouls for Halloween. It's a creation of a couple of decorators who are using an old fashioned idea for their creations -- recycling and reusing just whatever they can find.

"Anything that the normal person might throw away or discard, we buy it and this is the result," decorator Lisa Morton said.

We learned that many of the ghoulish party guests have a dual personality. Underneath it all they're Christmas decorations. "This is actually a Santa Claus. I just stuck the mask on the head of it and then draped an outfit and then a fur over it," Lisa said, lifting a monster's coat.

Some of the monster hors d'oeuvres are also homemade creations. "My grandson actually helped me do this. This one says 'Jekyll Brothers Swamp Water, drink at your own risk.' We put pickles and anything this is old in your refrigerator that you can't use," she says examining her mixture.

Nothing is thrown away to Lisa and her friend Liz; it can be used again for a decoration and sometimes for two different holidays. "The top of a top hat on a caroler, so all I've done is stuck a mask over it and stiffed it with paper so you, you can actually see the caroler's face," she says, revealing another monster's identity.

All of this is not for some elaborate Halloween affair, but a party for kids. And isn't that what the upcoming holiday is all about?

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