Sullivan County

Crews clear out floodwaters, leaving residents thankful

BLUFF CITY, Tenn. - We have an update on a story we first told you about Saturday.

12 families were stranded on this road in Barnette Hollow, from the heavy rain and snow, making it difficult for residents.
"What we did was we'd crawl through those woods up there and would meet relatives right out here on the road, to take us out to the store. My son and I went out Thursday and went over to Food City to get groceries and had to meet my father-in-law here as we camped through the woods," says resident Michael O'Leray.

But luckily, the road is all clear and it's all thanks to local volunteers and lawmakers stepping up.
"I'd like to thank Timothy Hill for his quick action and Hickory Tree Fire Department and my neighbors here in Chinquapin for getting involved in this situation, because we've been trapped since Tuesday evening and they did something in a matter of hours that didn't happen for four and a half days," O'Leray continues.

News 5 spoke with County Commissioner Dwight King, who says the volunteer fire department was there until 7:00 Sunday morning, working non-stop until the road was cleared of the floodwaters.
Residents there say the flooding has never been this bad before.
"Never like this, for this long."

But volunteer Bobby Richards says he thinks he knows what caused the flooding.
"With the water and the homes that's been built extra in and then where they've logged a little bit and stuff maybe some of the trash has rolled off into the hole-the cave- where it takes the water and i think its got it kind of stopped up now," says Richards.

But for now, residents can get back to their normal lifestyles and hope this doesn't happen again.

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