Sullivan County

Couple finds meth lab in yard

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Many families took advantage of the warm weather this past weekend by doing a little yard work. However, while cleaning up a little brush and garbage, the Crumb family found an unwelcomed surprise.

"My husband was doing the majority of the cleaning up when he came across a nice little surprise that ruined our whole Sunday," said Janet Crumb.

Crumb told us they were cleaning around the trees on the side of their property when they came across a bottle. "He picked it up and was just going to throw it away until he noticed there was something inside, some white powder stuff inside. [He] wasn't quite sure what it was," she said.

It didn't take the couple long to realize they had a shake-and-bake meth lab in their hands and the Sullivan County Sherriff's office says it's not unusual. "Most meth makers don't want to throw the one-pot bottles in their trash because a lot of people now know what to look for," said Leslie Earhart, public information officer for Sullivan County.

So instead they throw it on your property, which police say can be dangerous. "The problem is the meth waste has the potential to explode, so they're pretty dangerous," said Earhart.

Crumb says it keeps her worried. "It is very scary. I have children. I have three children living at home. I have a grandbaby that's here a lot," she said.

She says now she has to educate them against her wishes. "Now we have to teach our children what to look for when it comes to these containers, ingredients people to use make meth," said Crumb.

The sheriff's department encourages anyone who finds anything suspicious on their property to stay away and call the police so they can dispose of it properly.

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