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Condition of dog in cruelty case

Condition of dog in cruelty case

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - Buster Allen Jackson of Sullivan County is facing animal cruelty charges after a video surfaced on Facebook showing the alleged crime.

But it was the condition of the dog that our viewers wanted to know all about.

"Patty," as she is know by Sullivan County Animal Shelter workers, is healthy, strong, vibrant and ready for action, apparently no worse for wear considering her debut on an upsetting video on Facebook with her former owner.

"Her future is very bright. She's rambunctious, she's frisky, she likes to jump, but she's here at the shelter. She is safe. If he relinquishes custody of her, we can adopt her out immediately or foster her out," says Becky Birdwell with the animal shelter.

This is not her first time at a shelter -- she was adopted from the Kingsport shelter before all of this happened, which was a bit upsetting for those involved. "Every time one goes out the door, we hope that this a great, loving forever home. Then when we find out something like this, it breaks out hearts. But we know we have the opportunity now to find her a good forever home," Bidwell said.

It's a lesson on finding the right dog to adopt, as well as reporting alleged cruelty crimes to authorities. "First off, you usually don't get a crime being committed on video, so that's rare in itself. Secondly, this particular video was posted to Facebook before it was ever reported. So thousands of people knew about it before authorities actually knew about it," Leslie Earhart with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department said.

For now, until the court proceedings take their course, Patty is fine and getting lots of attention.

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