Sullivan County

Common scams targeting local elderly

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Va. - Local Police are reminding you not to fall for some common scams that are now circulating in our area in the past couple of months.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's office says the best way to protect yourself is to remember not to pay to collect winnings. If you have to pay for your winnings, you have not won anything.

Hold onto your money; do not be pressured to wire money through companies like Western Union.

Phone numbers can deceive -- do not automatically trust the caller or the area code.

The sheriff's department says one way to tell if it is a scam is to ask for their information. "Get their phone number; get their address, the name of their company they say they're with. Then tell them you will call them back after you look into it. If they're legit they won't mind giving you this information," said Leslie Earhart, the Public Information Officer.

The scams including overpayment scams, prize and sweepstakes scams, grandparent scams and government agency scams.

If you feel you are being scammed, call the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department and they will assist you.

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