Sullivan County

Changes made after child jumps from bus

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - After a child jumped out the back of a school bus on Tuesday, we've learned changes will be made to prevent that from happening again.

The bus driver tells us she's relieved the four-year-old boy wasn't injured after jumping off the bus while she was trying to make a turn on Centenary Road. 

Nettie Rhea says she buckled in the little boy, but he was able to unfasten his harness while she wasn't looking and sneak to the back of the bus while she was driving. "He was opening the door, pushed the door open and out the door he went," says Rhea.

She heard the emergency buzzer, looked in her rear view mirror and saw him leaping out the back. 

He then ran to the front of the bus and got back on. 

Rhea buckled him in again, then called 911 and the school district.

The superintendent says she did a good job handling the situation. "I love these kids.  When they get on this bus, they become my grandkids and I treat them all the same. I love them, every one.  I would go the last mile for any one of them," says Rhea.

In the future, the district will be putting a permanent aide on the bus to prevent this situation from happening again.

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