Sullivan County

Bluff City Elects First Woman To Mayoral Position

Bluff City, Tenn. - In Tuesday night's Bluff City election voters elected the first woman to the position of mayor, Irene Wells.

Wells was appointed to the mayoral position in June 2011 by the board. This year, she ran and was elected for the position.

Wells tells us she is proud the residents chose to keep her in office.

We learned Wells already has plans for the future, including a veteran's memorial, giving more money to the library, and things for the town's children. "I would like to see something for the young people. We don't have anything for them in our city expect what the schools and churches provide. For the little ones I'd like to see more playgrounds," said Wells.

Wells told us she hopes the council, mayor, and citizens can work together to better the city.

Click here to view the full election results.

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