Sullivan County

Being heard at a town hall meeting

PINEY FLATS, Tenn. - Tenn. lawmakers return to session on January 28th, but that doesn't mean they are on a break.


Third District Representative Timothy Hill held a town hall meeting Monday night in order to get a head start on what he says is his number one goal, to be there for the people.


He even gave out his cell phone number to the crowd.


State Rep. Timothy Hill said, "The absolute first thing that I can do with my time at home is to spend it with the people in my district and hear what is on their mind."


Many people came to speak their mind and be heard on topics like school safety, speed cameras, and wine in grocery stores.


There was one topic that got everyone talking, gun control.


"I'm a firm believer in protecting the second amendment and making sure gun rights are protected even at the state level," said Hill.


Hill also spoke about the guns in trunks bill that he believes has a good chance of passing. It would allow you to bring a gun with you to work as long as it is kept in the trunk or glove box of your car.


Hill may not have had an answer for everything, but those I spoke with left happy.


Carol Heinbach of Blountville said, "I like town hall meetings. I think they are good for the community and tonight was productive."


Representative Hill is also making history. This is the first time ever that two brothers have served in the House at the same time, and they're both from our area. Timothy Hill joins his brother Matthew Hill who has represented the Seventh District in the House since 2004.


Representative Hill will host two more town hall meetings before he heads back to Nashville, one Tuesday night at Highlander BBQ and on Thursday night at The Tributary in Mountain City. Both meetings will be at 6 p.m.

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