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Bath salts making a dangerous comeback

Bath salts making a dangerous comeback

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Bath salts are making a comeback -- the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office recently arrested a man they believe was high on the synthetic drug.

Deputies say they're seeing the deadly drug more and more and now in an even more dangerous form. 

"Gravel" is a new mixture of bath salts and other drugs. Officers tell us users are mixing bath salts with meth and a seizure medication called Klonopin. 

Deputies say after Tennessee banned bath salts last year, the use went down.

Officers say users are now going online to buy the drug and the new "Gravel", is even worse than the original. "It's unpredictable. It's even more dangerous than the types of bath salts we were seeing in the past, and it's just now starting to pop up in our region," says Leslie Earhart with The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

At the Johnson City Medical Center, doctors are seeing it more too.  This time, they say it's different. "Now we're having more of an issue with an addiction problem. People are coming in because they're addicted to bath salts, wanting to get off of them," says Dr. Garik Misenar.

Deputies say they're swamped with recent calls and reports from bath salts, and they're doing their best to stay on top of the problem. They welcome all tips so they can crack down on the comeback.

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