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Attempt at world record dive continues

World record dive attempt

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - A world record attempt continues on South Holston Lake.

Gate City, Virginia native Jerry Hall has been under water since Saturday and he's hoping to stay completely submerged through Friday. Click here to read more.

We wanted to know how Hall is holding up. We got the chance to talk with him thanks to an underwater camera (pictured above).

When asked how he's doing, Hall said, "I cannot complain."

Hall is passing the time by watching movies, talking with friends, and even eating small bites of food.

Hall says he has even been sleeping well underwater. "I actually slept really good last night. I mean I'm in the world's largest water bed," he laughed.

A special cream is being used on Hall's hands and feet so they don't become too wrinkly from the water.

A team of at least 20 volunteer divers is also working to make sure Hall has a steady supply of water and Gatorade. "We check him and watch him and see how he does answering some simple questions, following some simple commands," adds Bean.

If it goes as planned, Hall will be in the water until Friday around noon. That would mean he not only breaks the World Record, but adds several more hours onto it, making it harder for someone else to top.

To track Jerry Hall's progress visit

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