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Armed intruders enter home

Armed intruders enter home

SULLIVAN COUNTY - A Sullivan County family told us about their nightmare, when they say four masked people stormed into their house.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office incident report shows there were seven people in the home, including four teenagers, when the intruders burst through the door.

The family told us they have no idea who these people were.

Even in the light of day, Sarah McCoy said she can't forget the terror of having armed, masked intruders come into her home.

"I was just looking at the gun," she said.  "The guy held the gun in my face the whole time."

The other intruders had a pipe and a baseball bat, McCoy told us.

They demanded money and drugs, she said, so they gave them the prescription medications they had.

McCoy told us next, her disabled son came out of the  bedroom with a bat in his hands to protect his family.

But the gun was turned on him.

"I thought he was gonna shoot him," McCoy emotionally recalled. "I told him to shoot me and not my son."

McCoy told us she stepped between the gun and her child, giving her husband time to distract the gunman.

"I couldn't believe it was happening it was terrifying," she said. "It's terrifying because I don't want my kids dead."

McCoy told us she pushed the robbers out of the front door, shut the door, then locked the deadbolt.

The invaders then turned around and broke through the door with the butt of their gun, she said, but then they left.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident.

"It's a concern because the suspects had weapons and there were children in the home," said Sheriff spokesperson, Leslie Earhart.

She told us that because the intruders were masked, it's been hard for them to identify suspects.

"We're hoping that maybe someone in that neighborhood may have observed something suspicious around that time," Earhart said.

If you think you saw something suspicious on Brookfield Lane Thursday night, Earhart asks that you call the Sheriff's Office at (423) 729-7500 ext. 222 or submit an anonymous tip on their website here.

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