Sullivan County

Animal shelter short on funds

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - A local animal shelter has nearly 500 dogs and cats, but not enough money to care for them.

Workers at the SBK Animal Shelters in Kingsport and Blountville say the non-profit group is low on donations.

We're told SBK is caring for many animals, including some injured and sick animals that require many visits and have high vet bills. "In March our goal was $3,800 and we got $880, so we're about $3,000 a month behind. If that continues, we'll make payroll, but [we won't be able to pay] other things like medical bills," says Program Director Becky Birdwell.

In addition to money the shelter, workers say they can always use laundry detergent, blankets, Dawn dish-washing detergent, bleach, cleaning supplies, washcloths and towels.

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