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10-year-old fiddler to perform at Grand Ole Opry

PINEY FLATS, Tenn. - A young fiddler from Piney Flats will take the most iconic stage in country music Friday night.

Carson Peters, 10, has been busy all week practicing his fiddle. In less than 24-hours, he'll make his lifelong dream come true as he takes the stage at the Grand Ole Opry.

"I hope that I remember the song and hopefully all will be well," Carson said.

Carson will have the help of country music singer Ricky Skaggs, who invited Carson to play with him at the Opry. It's the second time they'll perform together this week. Carson opened for Skaggs' Knoxville concert last Friday.

"I came and talked to him and he asked me if I ever played on the Opry before and I told him 'No, Sir,' and he said 'Well, would you like to?'," Carson explained.

He told us he said yes and started practicing.

"The most I've ever played two songs at one time," Carson said.

His parents told us they're still getting over the shock.

"It was just unreal," said Jamie Peters, Carson's father. "I was like, did I just hear him right?"

Jamie Peters told us they leave for Nashville on Friday afternoon and plan to arrive at the Opry around 6:00 p.m. They'll meet Skaggs and go over the songs and then it's show time.

"We'll be back stage with Carson and our family, they've all bought tickets, and they'll be out in the audience," said Jamie Peters.

Carson told us he can already see himself on that iconic stage.

"Looking out at the crowd and then getting super, super nervous," Carson described.

After all of his hard work, he told us he's ready for the challenge.

This isn't the first time Carson has played his fiddle for a large audience. He was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in August 2013. He's also performed at Dollywood and at festivals across the area.

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