Student test scores released in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Students continue to improve on standardized tests in Tennessee.

Tuesday the Tennessee Education Commission released results of the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program in Nashville.

Governor Bill Haslam and Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman said higher standards decreased the minority achievement gap in math and reading for students in grades 3 through 8.

Also, in 2011 only 31 percent of Algebra 2 students were on grade level. Now half reach that mark.

Huffman said the momentum won't stop here.

"While state assessment is not the only barometer that matters as the governor noted it is an important way of looking at our work.  It matters so our teachers can understand and our district administrators can understand where we are doing well but also so we can study it and try to get better," said Huffman.

The TCAP has caused controversy.  In April the education department delayed the scores due to a change in assessments, but experts signed off on their accuracy.

Two Republican Tennessee lawmakers have asked for an investigation into why the delay was considered, and three Democrats have filed an open records request seeking information about the proposed late release.

To view the results, click here.

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