Stories of Roan Mountain

Stories of Roan Mountain

Carter County, Tenn. -
      As the rhododendron blooms  high atop Roan Mountain a new historical pictorial book was released Monday from a first time local author.
     It was his love of Roan Mountain and a curiosity about it's people that brought the book about.

     There a closeness to heaven at six thousand feet up on Roan Mountain that has brought settlers and visitors there for hundreds of years.  One of those visitors is local author Robert Sorrell who just released a pictorial history of the mountain.

     "There is a chimney, there's actually a picture in the book that was built by an etsu professor who was studying the trees on the mountain and i was wondering what the chimney was there for and a local historian told me about it and that peeked my interest," Sorrell said.

      The book has many old pictures and descriptions of places around the mountain but it was the people that Sorrell was really interested in chronicling.

      "I really tried to focus on the people of Roan Mountain and the different families that have lived there for the past hundred or hundred fifty years.  So you see pictures from Shell Creek, Buck Mountain, Tiger Creek and of course the Roan Mountain village there," He says.

       There was a wealth of information for him to find and people to share their memories.

       "I would just call people up and ask them did they have any old pictures of the family visits they took on the mountain, going to school or church and everyone had pictures. I heard from dozens of people and their stories.
Most of the people in Roan Mountain I went to were really helpful and were able to share some of their stories from their childhood or told me stories about their parents going up in the mountains," Sorrell said.

       He will be at the weekend's Rhododendron Restival with his book and his story about the mountain.

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