State Senator looking for stiffer penalties for those who run away from police

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. -      A bill in Tennessee that will create stricter penalties for suspects trying to get away from police is on its way to the house.

     In January 2012 a person running from police hit Washington County, Tennessee Deputy Gary Daugherty as he was deploying stop sticks, leaving him badly hurt.
     Daugherty's bill increases the penalty, turning evading arrest resulting in injury from a class E to a class D felony.
     State Senator Rusty Crowe says that will help prosecutors, "Attempted second degree murder you have to show intent and when you're going 100 miles per hour to try and get away you're not trying to kill a police officer and you can't show intent."
     The Tennessee Senate already passed the bill.
     Deputy Daugherty is back on the job.

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