State Rep. Matthew Hill talks wine in grocery stores

State Rep. Matthew Hill talks wine in grocery stores

When it comes to buying wine in Tennessee grocery stores, one vote stopped the bill from progressing forward.

Seventh District State Representative Matthew Hill voted no the bill saying he wanted discussion on the topic. "I did vote for it in sub-committee so we could get it to the full committee for discussion that was the whole reason for yes in sub-committee. Then we were not afforded that opportunity," says Hill.

The bill would allow localities to vote on whether to expand wine sales to supermarkets and convenience stores.

Hill says the committee should have discussed more details like hours of sales and what liquor stores could sell, before passing the bill. "The reason I felt that was wrong is we don't ram things through the process. We're supposed to fully vet all legislation supposed to hear all sides that's why my people sent me to Nashville," adds Hill.

Hill says he's been getting phone calls and emails from people on both sides of the bill, but adds he feels he made the right decision.

Matthew hill is hoping voters will watch video of the committee vote. You can watch it here:


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