State Rep. Jon Lundberg talks wine in supermarkets

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A vote earlier this week put the brakes on a bill to put wine in Tennessee supermarkets.

We caught up with the bill's sponsor, Representative Jon Lundberg of Bristol to hear more.

Just one vote stopped the bill from moving forward to sell wine in supermarkets and convenience stores.

7th District State Representative Matthew Hill voted no to the bill saying he wanted discussion on the topic.

Representative Lundberg tells us the bill is still alive and moving forward in the senate. "The bill could technically come back and this is kind of a parliamentary move, what Hill has to do is make a move to reconsider their actions. I hope he'll do that, time is getting short and that will have to happen soon," said Representative Lundberg.

Both Representative Hill and Representative Lundberg hope voters will watch video of the committee vote.

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