Second American Doctor treated for Ebola has local ties

Dr. Rick Sacra was a resident in Bristol

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The second American doctor being treated for Ebola has ties to the Tri-Cities.

News 5 confirmed this morning that Dr. Rick Sacra was a resident at ETSU Family Physicians of Bristol in the early 90s..

We are told he spent most of his residency and medical school training in another state.

Dr. Rick Sacra is from Boston and is serving as a missionary doctor with a North Carolina based group.

He was treating pregnant women at the organization's hospital in Monrovia, and did not knowingly care for anyone with Ebola.  

The group's president says there are currently no communications with Emory Hospital in Atlanta, which treated two other missionaries when they contracted the virus.

Dr. Sacra is said to be in good spirits, communicating with his family via cellphone and email.

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