Retired veteran gets retirement check almost one-year later

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - We introduced you to Arthur Warner in April, a military veteran who retired from the VA in May 2012. Almost a year later he was still waiting on his retirement benefits, but that's no longer the case.

The Johnson City man says our story got his case moving in Washington D.C.

In the last three weeks you could say Arthur Warner has had his fair share of good news. But the best news came through the mail in May. "On the first I got my regular retirement check," said Warner.

The 20-year U.S. military veteran, who retired May 31st 2012 from Mountain Home VA Medical Center, had been waiting almost a year for that check.

We first told you about his story April 12th and he says within a matter of days money was deposited into his bank account for all the missed months by the Office of Personnel Management, which handles retirement benefits for federal employees.

"After you all ran your special, I got a call from OPM and the specialist up there informed me that she had been assigned to work on my file and she couldn't go home that day until it was complete," added Warner.

While Warner now has peace of mind, he says he still has one question when it comes to what took so long, "No one has told me why."

The answer to that question isn't so simple. We learned retirees usually receive their first interim payment in five to seven days once records are received. But OPM processed a record number of retirement claims in February and March 2013: about 15,000 each month.

For Warner he says he's ready to move on and officially retire, "I'm going to call it case closed."

Warner had some advice for other veterans, he says to be patient and save money in case your benefits are delayed.

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