Republican Senate challenger wants to overhaul healthcare system

BRISTOL, Va. - The front runners in the Tennessee primary for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination have some competition beside each other.

 Dr. George Flinn, from Memphis, is considered a long shot to win the primary against Senator Lamar Alexander and State Representative Joe Carr.

Flinn says he has seen first hand the need for changes on the U.S.- Mexico border,and says he is a full supporter of immigration reform.

However, Flinn says the big reason he's launched this campaign is to fight the Affordable Care Act. Flinn says that as a doctor, he knows patients who have been directly impacted by  President Obama's health care law. Flinn told News 5 he is concerned about the future of health care in America.

"I just cannot see that passed along to my kids, grandkids, to the next generation, so I've got a plan and it's called the patient centered plan. It actually works for patients, not for insurance companies. A bureaucrat doesn't make your decisions, you make your decisions," Dr. Flinn told News 5.

Recent polls show Senator Lamar Alexander with a 30 point lead over Representative Joe Carr.
But a poll conducted by the Tea Party shows Alexander with only a 7 point lead.

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