Remote Olympic coaching

Remote Olympic coaching

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - The Winter Olympics are now just one week away and a professor at East Tennessee State University had a part in training some of these world class athletes.

He helped bobsledders, skeleton and luge competitors with strength, conditioning and speed training in Lake Placid, New York and he's still coaching them via modern technology.

Olympic bobsledding is one of the most watched events during the upcoming winter Olympics. A lot of the speed comes from the start.

Training those athletes on speed, conditioning and strength was the job of Brad DeWeese until August last year when he came to East Tennessee State University. But he's continuing to coach them remotely.

"There's limitations again trying to communicate over Skype or text messages but that pre-established knowledge of each other does transcend," DeWeese said.

ETSU's official Olympic training site in weightlifting is no stranger to technology in training athletes but DeWeese tells us coaching is still a personal one to one occupation.

"For me as coach you have to find how you can connect with an athlete and if you can connect with them as a individual then you train them as an athlete second," he said.

He talks with them almost everyday about the proper nutrition, supplementing their training while traveling and dealing with the stresses of being one of the best and right now they're doing fine.

"They're pretty high on the fact that they got their free gear. They're looking good and they just traveled to Sochi, arrived today and so now its back to training and we're a week to two weeks away from competition so now the game faces going back on," said the coach.

But they'll be one nervous coach watching their every move.

You can watch the Olympic Winter Games on News 5 WCYB.

The coverage begins on February 6th.

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