Public utility spent taxpayer money for perks

Bonuses, bill adjustments some of state's findings

Tennessee Comptroller Justin Wilson says the former superintendent of the Lincoln County, Tenn. Board of Public Utilities spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on questionable expenses.

Wilson says among those expenses were bonuses for Easter, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July and Christmas. That former Superintendent didn't have the authority to dole out those bonuses and most were not approved by the utility's board.

The Controller says some employees were also paid extra money for doing essential parts of the job.

Employees weren't the only ones given favors -- the state says incoming utility board members, current members, and some volunteer firefighters were also given breaks on their water bills.

Right now, the total of those questionable bonuses between 2008 and 2011 totals more than $300,000. That money came from ratepayers.

For more on the Comptroller's report online, go to: http://comptroller.tn.gov/la/SpecialReports.asp.

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