Proposed athletic policy removed after dozens voice concerns

JOHNSON CITY, Tn. - A proposed policy change to stop Johnson City school district employees from coaching athletes at other districts failed Monday night.

At a Board of Education meeting, dozens of teachers, coaches, and parents voiced concerns both for and against the new language.

The policy was unanimously killed on second reading after board members themselves disagreed with the language.

The policy originally proposed stopping athletic recruitment by teachers serving as coaches within a 50-mile radius of a district.

Parents and faculty members said it would be unfair to students, including one former athletic coach who said the policy should focus on academics first.

"What I've heard tonight from the people that have talked about their positions has convinced me that this policy is not a good thing," he said at the podium.

The crowd clapped after chairwoman Kathy Hall announced that the language would be taken out of the policy.

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