Polling Station Preparations

A lot of preparation has to be done before Election Day and time is running out. Supplies have to be delivered, voting machines must be set up, and voting officials sworn in.

There are many different ways the voting process works depending on where you live, but most localities have an electronic version.

Bristol, Va. gives voters an option.

General Registrar for Bristol, Va. Penny Limburg said, "We have what is called an optical scan or people look at it as the paper ballot where you color in the little circles beside your selection, and we also have a touch screen machine."

Sullivan County, Tenn. uses a different technique, an electronic machine. In order to cast your ballot, turn a wheel until your selection is highlighted.

Many have concerns with electronic voting, but polling stations are doing all they can to help out.

"Every situation that we had where a voter was unclear on how to use the machine we were either able to direct them on how to read the instructions or provide them verbal assistance," said Sullivan County Election Administrator Jason Booher.

Sullivan County, Tenn. had a high turnout for early voting and election officials are hopeful for a smooth election day.

"We've done everything we can to prepare; we have extra machines and will use more machines than ever have been used in Sullivan County," said Booher.

When going out to the polls remember to go to your correct precinct and bring an ID in Va. and photo ID in Tenn.

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