Police: Family of four dead in Erwin

ERWIN, Tenn. - Police in Erwin, Tennessee are investigating a triple-murder, suicide. We've learned those dead are a family of four.

Police believe a dad killed his wife and two kids, before killing himself. Leaving four people dead and a small community grieving.

Community members in the town of Erwin are rattled by the death of a family of four, their neighbors are shocked by what happened behind closed doors. One woman didn't want to give her name or show her face simply because of the overwhelming grief. "It's heartbreaking but you never know what goes on in someone's mind or what caused it," she said.

It happened at apartment 124 B on Carolina Avenue, Erwin Police got a 911 call around 2 am Saturday from an injured person inside the home. Police Chief Regan Tilson says they do know who made the 911 call, but they're not releasing it at this time.

Investigators believe the man killed his family members then turned the gun on himself. "Early appearance in this case is that it's a domestic related incident where in the male aggressor distributed fatal gunshot wounds to his wife and two children," added Chief Tilson.

Many questions still need to be answered, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is helping in the case. But there is one question everyone seems to be asking, why? "We do not have a motive at this time and in some cases we may not. However, we are going to continue with this investigation until we can find out every detail we can," added Chief Tilson.

Neighbors say it's a devastating loss for a small town, "It's going to take us all a while to get over it. I just ask everybody would pray for their families."

The names and ages of the deceased are not being released right now, until all of their family members have been notified.

News 5 asked Chief Tilson about previous calls to this home -- he says there really isn't much history when it comes to police responding to other incidents at this home.

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