Phone, email scams being reported in two counties

We're getting reports about a utility scam that could cost you a lot of money.

Bill Carroll with the Greeneville Light and Power System says someone is calling commercial customers claiming to be with the utility. The caller is threatening to cut off power unless you pay up immediately.

At first the scammer wants a credit card payment, but now callers are asking customers to buy a prepaid debit or credit card and to call a certain number.

The utility says it never takes credit card numbers over the phone or in person, and you should hang up if you get a call like this.

There's another possible scam happening in Washington County, Tennessee.

Circuit Court Clerk Karen Guinn tells us someone is sending emails telling people they are due in court and to open a ZIP file with information about the date. That file may be infected with a virus.

The emails are coming to people who don't have court dates.

Guinn says her office is not sending these emails. If you have a court date, you will get a written notice in the mail or be served papers in person.

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