Overwhelming manpower used to clean speedway after race weekend

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Another race weekend is in the books, and as drivers and teams head west , plenty of people are heading out to Bristol Motor Speedway with an important job.
Track spokesman Kevin Triplett says attendance was up this year. 

More fans means bigger mountains of trash left behind, and a massive effort to clean it all up.

"It just takes a lot of man power to do it," says William Barrett, owner of Can Do Enterprises, the company responsible for cleaning the grandstands. "Thousands of hours with hundreds of people, just pure man power to get the job done."

Every row,every section, gets swept, picked and cleared by a team of men and women wielding brooms, trash bags and leaf blowers.

"We have to staff every row with a person to do it," says Barrett.

After the Food City 500, cleaning crews can relax their hectic pace and take the time to thoroughly clean the seats, a luxury often skipped during race weekend.

"After the Nationwide race, everything has to be cleaned in time for the cup race the next day. That's the hardest part by far,"says Barrett.

Can Do Enterprises says 300- 400 people swarm over the facility to get it ready for the next day. Crew Leader Jose Flores say they have the procedure down to a science.

"We have a really great staff,"says Flores. "We've been doing this long enough that everyone here knows exactly what's going on so we tend to knock it out pretty quick."

It only takes them four hours to clean the facility after the Nationwide race.

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