Obesity on the rise in Tennessee

Rising obesity rates

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - About two-thirds of all Americans are considered obese, but that number is on the rise. It's projected that Tennesseans will be near the top the list by 2030.

Obesity is when your body mass index is 30 percent or more, and right now 29 percent of Tennesseans fit that category. It is estimated that by the year 2030 it could jump up to 63 percent.

A healthy lifestyle starts with diet and the most convenient option isn't always the most nutritious.

Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr. Mark Kadowaki  with Wellmont Medical Associates said, "We can't just trust the labels just because it says low fat; read all of the ingredients."

But healthy living doesn't stop with what you eat. In order to lose weight you need to exercise for at least 40 minutes six to seven days a week.

"I think it's important, especially in this area. There is a high propensity for obesity and it is good for you. It reduces heart disease, prevents diabetes, pretty much very few down sides to it," said Paul Henkel, who enjoys exercising three time a week.

And healthy lifestyle choices need to start early. Dr. Mark Kadowaki adds, "There is a tenfold increase with the rise in childhood diabetes. Children are going to start their life unhealthy. Just because it is projected we don't have to go there. That would be my hope to turn it around get educated."

To get an accurate body mass index measurement contact a doctor.

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