Nursing care company accused of unapproved Medicaid billing

A Kentucky-based nursing home company with several properties in the Tri-Cities is accused of billing nearly $2 million worth of unapproved Medicaid costs.

The Tennessee Comptroller's Office said Monday morning auditors uncovered the expenses billed by Signature HeathCARE. Many of the charges included costs not related to patient care, marketing expenses, and compensation for facility owners.

State officials say the unapproved charges in Tennessee added up to more than $500,000.

Signature HealthCARE has 26 nursing facilities in Tennessee; many of those are located in the Tri-Cities.

Ben Adkins, Media Relations Manager at Signature HealthCARE, released the following statement to us:

"We at Signature HealthCARE are dedicated to providing quality care to our residents and assuring they are provided proper services for their comfort and care. As mentioned in the state's audit report, this matter is strictly an accounting and auditing function, and does not address or affect the quality of the care we provide in any way. These audits are a matter of routine for all Tennessee healthcare providers. Signature remains fully cooperative with our government partners to ensure all reports are submitted appropriately.

Signature HealthCARE employs thousands of good Tennessee citizen workers, and together, we are committed to the taxpayers of this state, and, above all, to providing compassionate, quality care to our Tennessee residents and their families."

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