Numerous suspicious packages found in Johnson City and Unicoi County

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - There were ten suspicious packages found at locations around Johnson City.

Police began investigating after a 911 call this morning from the bus station.

A Johnson City Police explosives technician picked up a suspicious package from outside a side door at the Johnson City Public Library as well. 

This scene played out in at least ten different locations across the city Monday morning. "We sent our our EOD, bomb squad, to each of the locations, to investigate and ensure, there wasn't any threat," said Johnson City Police Chief Mark Sirois.

The library director, Bob Swanay, said his staff got a call from the police department about a package a little after 7:00 a.m. Monday morning. "I was told a suspicious package was at our side door, we weren't going to be able to enter the building or parking lot," said Swanay.

Police Chief Mark Sirois isn't releasing the list of all ten locations the suspicious packages were found.  He will only say the first package was discovered at the city bus station.

We were on the scene as a package was recovered from Omnisource, a recycling business in Johnson City, a post office spokesman tells News 5 a package was recovered from the USPS location on State of Franklin Road.

"I do believe we have it under control at this point," said Sirois.

Bomb squad technicians were also called out to two locations in Unicoi County -- the U.S. Forestry office and Wiseman's Clothing and Shoes.

Manager Lance Webb says he was greeted by officers when he got to work. "If the police hadn't been here, I would have probably kicked it out of the way and come on in," said Webb.

He says the package was very small, and after seeing what was inside he says he thinks it was a joke. "They did take it apart, looked like it was a dinner plate, looked like it said happy Easter on it."

Police have identified the person who delivered the packages. That person claims they were delivered as gifts and police have determined there was no criminal intent nor harm done.

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